How long will my order take to arrive?

Most shirt and mug orders arrive within 10 days, but could take longer. Leggings, dresses, crop tops and shoes generally take 3 weeks. We are not able to offer expedited shipping options currently, but hope to add them soon. You will receive a tracking number when your order is done processing.

How much does shipping cost?

We currently have $5.00 flat rate shipping.

I really think my friend would love Society of Fat Mermaids and I need a gift for them ASAP is it possible to rush shipping for a gift.

Unfortunately not. If you need a last minute gift, we suggest purchasing a Gift Card. Gift cards are emailed right away.

Why is my order coming in multiple packages?

Society of Fat Mermaids works with multiple partners to give you the best variety of items. Items are shipped directly from our partners and as such, some orders will come in multiple packages.  


Do you charge extra for extended sizes?

Absolutely not. All sizes of any given item have the same price, if you ever notice that is not the case, please notify us and we’ll rectify it. Unfortunately the system defaults to charge extra for sizes above 2X, so we have to manually make the correction.

Why don’t you carry every item up to a 6XL?

We are a new and small company with limited resources. We work with a variety of partners to carry the largest range of sizes and styles possible. We will not carry any clothing item that does not come at least to a 3XL and are constantly looking for opportunities to expand our size offerings. Our basic unisex tees go to 6XL, our sweatshirts and leggings run to a 5XL.

Why do my items smell like pickles?

Most of our garments are digitally printed. The pickle smell is what makes the ink stay on your garment. It will usually fade on its own after being out of the package or you can turn your garment inside out and toss it in the wash.


I think your designs are cool, but I find the word fat offensive. I would purchase from you, but I feel like you’re insulting me?

We at Society of Fat Mermaids would like to challenge you to think about why you’re offended. The word fat is just a descriptor, it doesn’t have a positive or negative value. We think that using euphemisms to describe people of size enforces the idea that it’s not ok to be fat. Read more on this here.