Meet the Mermaids


Lisette- Fat Black Mermaid with Natural hair and Seahorse, Tail is purple

Always adorned in violet scales and stunning hair pieces, Lisette is a beauty queen. She constantly explores the seas with her favorite companion, her magenta colored seahorse, in search of accessories. Lisette takes great pride in her afro hair loves nothing more than finding a uniquely fun shell to adorn her curls. Lisette shines her passion and positivity across the ocean, always encouraging her merfriends to see the beauty in even the most unpleasant situations.


With her long black hair and perfect poise, Gina has a grace and sophistication that help her float seamlessly through sticky situations. With her fish companions, Gina creates intricately exquisite performances delighting other merfolk and, on the rarest of occasions, happening close enough to the shore for humans to catch a glimpse of her perfection. With every swoosh of her hair and flip of her tail, Gina lights up the world, from the dark depths of the ocean to the golden shores of the beach.


Known for her impressive shell collection, Glory lives for whimsy and playfulness. Lounging on rocks with her shades on, she loves confusing humans before diving back into the depths of the ocean. Before disappearing, Glory always remembers to greet a child on shore -- spreading her infectious whimsy.


Fat POC Mermaid lounging on rock

LuLu is the sweetest mer in the pod.  She is not to be underestimated due to her soft nature. She is as sharp and intelligent as she is kind and compassionate. With love and gentle care, Lulu tends to her garden and crafts unique accessories with her its bounty. An explorer at heart, Lulu is most at peace when swimming through the reef’s myriad colors, textures, and living corridors.


Queen, Fat Black Mermaid with braids sits on treasure chest

Queen is a treasure hunter intrigued by the allure of shipwrecks. Her curiosity does not stop where the waves crash, as she loves investigating beaches to find mysterious human relics. She combs through the seas and shores with a fervent passion for discovery. Always supremely unbothered, Queen lives by the motto, “you do you, boo” and lives her life with unapologetic boldness.



Selena Plus Size POC Mermaid Holds Spear

A fierce and loyal warrior, Selena is the most reliable mermaid in town. Though has the capacity to fight, Selena tends to stray away from violence, using her magical sceptre to disarm her opponents without harming them. Frequently, Selena swims to the rescue of mers who have been entangled by boats and fishers. In the evenings, she switches her sceptor for dance props and wields her magic powers to make the water dance, creating spectacular effects during Gina’s already exquisite show.


Serena- Curvy POC mermaid in shell


The prototypical mermaid, Serena bridges the worlds between humans and mers. She is the most likely to interact with humans, whether they be friends of foes. If the mers are at risk, Serena works with Selena to remove the danger. With a wink and a flick of the tail, she can wreck a threatening ship. Outside of her protector duties, Serena is a storyteller, often entertaining other mers with tales of human foolishness.