Why Fat?

Why FAT?

So we're larger than 'average'? It's ok. You can say it we're fat. That's one of many words you can use to describe folk. Fat is a descriptor like, short or tall. For some reason our society tries to teach us that being fat is terrible and it's not, so Society of Fat Mermaids is here to help you decolonize your mind. 

Fat is not a bad word. Our society associates being fat with traits such as being lazy, ugly, unlovable, sloppy, unintelligent and many other pejorative terms. That's not what it means to be fat.

By treating the word fat as an insult and being afraid to say it we're validating the idea that fat people are lazy, ugly, unlovable, sloppy and unintelligent etc.

Those words do not define fat people. The fatties that make up the Society of Fat Mermaids are beautiful, powerful, sexy, accomplished, free spirited, joyful and happy. We hope you join our pod (group of merfolk).


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